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About the Firm

Timothy Blalock has been practicing in Mississippi since 2006 and took over the law practice of his father, Tim David Blalock, who has been practicing since 1974. Timothy has had extensive experience in divorce law, family and domestic relations law, real estate contracts and litigation, criminal defense, wills and estates, corporate formation, immigration law, and copyright/trademark law. In addition to his legal acumen, Timothy is an experienced computer scientist in all matters involving software and hardware which is invaluable in today's legal environment with the integration of computers and storage devices in complex litigation. Timothy's technological knowledge allows him to utilize and integrate the latest technology to provide effective legal representation and solutions for his clients. Timothy is also fluent in Spanish and is a certified mediator.

Timothy Blalock Law Firm, PLLC offers legal services with an emphasis on quality, professionalism, client services and efficiency for our clients' needs throughout the State of Mississippi.

We concentrate in specific areas to enable the firm to offer specific expertise in legal services.

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